• I believe in creating an atmosphere of safety, compassion and respect. I have over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples and families to reduce conflict and foster greater understanding.


    I am an experienced therapist and teacher focusing on a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, difficult family dynamics and trauma. I have extensive experience and expertise in high conflict divorce and custody disputes. I have developed several respected and effective classes for Parenting and Co-Parenting which are approved by El Dorado Family Court.



  • Classes

    All classes meet the requirements for El Dorado Family Court. To enroll or for more information, call 530.957.0823 or email me in the form below.


    I developed and have taught the CoParenting Class for over 20 years. The eight week class focuses on helping parents develop the understanding and skills to better manage a high conflict coparenting relationship. It is designed to help parents protect their children from the negative effects of parental conflict and to more skillfully handle the challenges that come with parenting in the context of separation and divorce. It teaches coping and communication skills designed to help clients focus on and achieve solutions.


    The program does not enroll Coparents in the same class. The fee for the 8 week series is $250.


    To enroll or for more information please contact me by phone or email.


    The Parenting Class meets each week for an hour and is designed to help parents build the insight, knowledge and skills that will help them parent their children in healthy, attuned and age appropriate ways. The curriculum is designed to support parents as they build increased self-awareness and improved self-regulation. Examples of topics include:

    • positive discipline 
    • understanding stages of child development
    • reducing reactivity and increasing responsiveness
    • how the developing brain is affected and shaped by experience
    • identifying and meeting developmental needs
    Clients may join the ongoing class after an initial intake appointment. Sliding scale fee available
    Call or email for more information or to enroll
  • Education

    University of San Francisco

    Masters of Counseling Psychology

    University of California Santa Barbara


  • Contact

    To learn more call 530.957.0823 or email me in the form below.